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Year Founded:

Name Of Proprietor:
ORI Family

Annual Production:
1.3 million liters

Varieties Cultivated:

Zabaglione, Zabajone, Sabayon?

Zabaglione (also spelled zabajone, zablaiogne, and sabayon in French) is an Italian dessert made by whipping egg yolks, sugar, and sweet wine (typically marsala) over gentle heat until smooth and airy. Its origins are unclear but some believe that it dates to 16th century Torino and a monk called San Bajon. Others believe it was originally made in Florence by cooks working for the Medici family, while others still think it may have had its beginnings in Venice. Most people agree, however, that it is a simple yet rich dessert. Technically, a zabaglione is a caudle: a hot, wine-fortified drink made as a remedy for illness, from which we get the verb “to coddle”.

Description Of History And Philosophy:

Distillerie Moccia S.r.l. was set up in 1946 in Ferrara by founder Mauro Moccia who, inspired by a desire to innovate, decided to produce a brandy-based liqueur of Zabaglione made with egg yolk, called Zabov. This carefully determined blend of sugar, fresh milk, fresh eggs and excellent Italian brandy is a unique liqueur with a grand tradition. Zabov has long been the most popular Italian Zabaglione, chosen by families for its delectable flavor coupled with a low alcohol content. Beyond its use in a broad range of unique and enjoyable drinks, Zabov has found a second life as an ingredient in the preparation of Italian pastries.

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