DSWS was founded by Paolo and Allison Domeneghetti in 1999 in order to represent wines and spirits which are of the highest quality and which express tremendous character, particular to their origin. The company now operates as a national importer of fine wines and boutique spirits from around the world. Domaine Select Merchants is the wholesale division of DSWE and operates in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and California.

Paolo Domeneghetti has had an extensive career in the restaurant and wine & spirits business, spanning a period of more than twenty-five years of progressive and successful experience at all levels. After graduating from University in his native country of Italy, he moved to the U.S. in 1992. Throughout his career, he has been involved in projects in the epicenters of food and wine including Venice, Italy and in the U.S., San Francisco, Seattle, Miami and of course New York City. Founding DSWS has been a lifelong ambition, and one borne with a very clear identity and philosophy, which Domeneghetti strongly upholds today.

Allison Domeneghetti has been a wine enthusiast for more than fifteen years. After graduating from Columbia University she spent several years in fine arts institutions in New York City, including the New Museum of Contemporary Art and Sotheby's New York. Her interest in wine on a professional level was sparked in 1994 during the some of the first U.S. wine auctions held in New York. >From that point, she has not looked back and has worked alongside Paolo to build a company where passion comes first. The Domeneghettis reside in Scarsdale, NY with their four children.

  Seeing the necessity in the market for an organization that would truly represent the best interests of the suppliers, while respecting the needs of the customer, Domaine Select has established an unprecedented business model of working as partners with suppliers while supporting sales, education and brand development in the most creative and dynamic ways. The tenets of Domaine Select - Diversity, Expression, Character and Tradition - have not changed since the inception of the company.

Domaine Select Wine & Spirits was named Food & Wine magazine's 2010 American Wine Awards as Importer of the Year, representing the culmination of more than a decade of devotion, passion and a dynamic position in the wine & spirits trade and recognizing the work of the amazing growers, winemakers, and distillers.


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